File Photo: Rhealyn C. Pojas

A student at Palau Community College was granted the opportunity to attend the ‘Japanese Language Program for Overseas Students’ offered by Japan Foundation from September 4 to18, 2019 in Osaka, Japan.

While in Japan, Ms. Maya Malchiyanged will take Japanese language lectures, experience Japanese cultural activities, visit cultural facilities, historical sites and home visits.

Sightseeing tours to Hiroshima and Kyoto Prefecture are also included in the program.x`The purpose of the program is to offer outstanding students of the Japanese language and educational institutions abroad the opportunity to visit Japan, and to deepen their knowledge of the Japanese language, society and culture.

Ms. Malchiyanged took Japanese language classes at Palau High School, whereshe learned basic Japanese.

She commented “I am honored to have been selected and given this opportunity to go to Japan for this program. Coming from a small island, my trip to Japan would open my eyes to new ideas, knowledge and even more opportunities. I would gain new experiences that will be beneficial for me in the future.”

The Embassy of Japan is pleased to support the program, and will continue to support Palauans who would like to pursue their education in Japan. (PR)