The Palau Chamber of Commerce is excited to announce the hiring of Adora Nobuo as its new Executive Director.

Ms. Nobuo was selected after several months and talking to several very qualified candidates. She will take over the role David Ramarui Mason, Communications Director, filled while simultaneously serving as Interim Executive Director.


Adora is completing her Masters Degree in Public Administration at San Diego State University through Palau Community College and she previously worked as Assistant to President of the Senate in the 9th Olbiil Era Kelulau.

Armed with a full staff, the Chamber will look to boost it’s outreach to not only the business community, but also Non-Government Organizations and other groups to work to promote Palauans in business and the private sector.

Some initiatives will include workshops on real estate trends in Palau and the region, as well as an innovation seminar for any business looking to retrofit it’s internal processes or innovate the products and services they offer to expand their business.

The Chamber has begun advertising for the position of Communications Director, which will need to be filled this July when the current CD leaves to attend school.

For more information, contact the Chamber at 488-3400 or [/restrict]