Koror, Palau – Palau Conservation Society (PCS) celebrated 24 years of conservation service to the Republic of Palau on June 28 during its Annual General Membership Meeting.

The event, which took place at Bai ra Maibrel, had nearly 70 people in attendance including PCS members, state governors, legislators, PCS founders, former board members, former executive directors, staff and many partner agencies.

At the meeting, PCS staff shared successes from the 2017 annual report and presented recent and on-going projects.

Another important aspect of the meeting was to elect five new members to PCS’ nine member board. Congratulations to the newly elected and re-elected board members namely, Minister Elbuchel Sadang (re-elected), Francis Toribiong (re-elected), David Orrukem (new), Minister Sinton Soalablai (new), Vivian Rivera (new).  Returning members include Dr. Minoru Ueki, Minister Faustina Rehuher-Marugg, Sandra Pierantozzi and Minister Umiich Sengebau.

As part of 24th anniversary, two PCS members were chosen as part of a raffle to win a $250 grand prize each. The two lucky winners were Faik Elbelau, who was present at the event, and Dr. Gregory Dever who still needs to claim his prize at the PCS Office.  This was the conclusion of the June Membership Appreciation Campaign.  A total of 25 people renewed their membership including others who signed in as new members.  Thank you all new and existing members.  Membership is open to anyone who want to be a member.