Palau Conservation Society (PCS) will be celebrating its 24th year anniversary by conducting its AGM (Annual General Membership Meeting) on June 28, 2018.  The venue for the AGM will be the 1st floor of the Bair a Maibrel.

The meeting will run from 12 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.  The AGM is an opportunity for members to see what programs were established from last year, and what other programs are carrying on into the future.  Light lunch will be provided.

Celebrations began on this Tuesday with two founding members and also board of directors appearing on the Environmental Hour radio show at Eco-Paradise radio station.  Mrs. Maura Gordon and Ms. Julita Tellei discussed live on air, issues such as the reason PCS was incorporated, what were the environmental issues during the 1990’s, and what do they want to see PCS in the future.  Both women expressed their sincerity for PCS to continue on to the next 24 years and challenged young Palauans to join and contribute to the protection and sustainability of the environment of Palau.

The Environmental Hour will be dedicated to the 24th Annual General Membership celebrations for the rest of the Tuesdays in June.  Each Tuesday, members’ names will be picked out randomly and broadcasts’ live to the public.  Everyone is invited to tune in to Eco-Paradise 87.9 FM radio station, every Tuesday, from 9:15am to 10am.  This would be an opportunity to catch your opportunity to win fabulous prizes.  Prizes were donated generously by Surangel & Sons Company, Palau National Communications Corporation, IP&E, Western Caroline Trading Company, Blue Bay and The Taj Palau. (PR)