(March 24, 2020) –The Palau Conservation Society (PCS) family has grown by three new staff members: Tracy Atkins, Rimuu Williams, and Emengel I. Singich.

Tracy Atkins started in February and is the new visiting US Embassy Science Fellow from the US Department of Energy.  She will be working with PCS and the Ongedechuul System of Conservation Area (OSCA) on sustainable trail planning for the Taki Waterfall Trail through mid-May 2020. Ms. Atkins previously worked for the US National Park System as a planner and working with communities on conservation and outdoor recreation projects.  She has a Master’s Degree in Community and Regional Planning and a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering.  Ms. Atkins is active in the Colorado Mountain Club and previously was a volunteer instructor for their Wilderness Trekking School.

Rimuu Williams is the new Communication and Outreach officer. Ms. Williams is a recent graduate of the Shidler College of Business at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Although conservation is new territory for her career, she is excited to be working in a field that preserves and gives back to her homeland. She hopes to bridge the gap between the tourism industry and conservation to envision a Belau that is resilient towards the effects of tourism and globalization. “We often overlook that our environment is the most important member of our communities; I am happy to be working with people that never leave that member behind”.Ms. Williams especially enjoys spending her free time in the ocean.

Emengel I. Singich, the new Membership Intern, has been hard at work to support various projects here at PCS since she began over a month ago. She is currently studying Agricultural Science at the Palau Community College. Considering her passion and interest in learning about natural ecosystems, Ms. Singich is a natural fit for the internship position and continues to further her knowledge on Palau’s ecosystems. She enjoys being outdoors, whether in her free time or at school where she learns about ways to improve crop production. “… I am a conservationist in my own right; I believe that Palauans wouldn’t be Palauans if it were not for our environment and ecosystems. Our environment has taught us respect and conservation, so it is only fair that we protect it in return,” stated Ms. Singich.

PCS extends its warm welcome to these three women who are driven by their dedication to keeping our ecosystems healthy, for a healthier Palau.