On Tuesday,December 10, students from Palau High School’s (PHS) 9th grade Science Class visited the Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC) for a school presentation on ocean acidification.

PICRC researcher E. Ikelau Otto, talked to the students about global warming, ocean acidification and climate change; all of which arefactors that have a negative impact on corals. Ms. Otto’s presentation also included a brief explanation on coral reefs, coral taxonomy and the symbiotic relationship between corals and zooxanthellae.

Following Researcher Otto’s presentation, PICRC’s Communications and Outreach team gave the students a talk about the new theme for the 2021 Arts and Tides Calendar.Lastly, students explored the Palau Aquarium on a tour led by Aquarium supervisor, Laura del Rio, and aquaristLeahMarieBukurou.

“Weare delighted to have the students at Palau High School visiting our facilities and learn from our research, outreach and aquarium staff,” stated PICRC CEO Yimnang Golbuu, “These types of opportunities enrich student learning while motivating them into pursuing a career in science.”