Koror, Palau—On Wednesday, May 3, 2017, the Palau High School (PHS) Chemistry class, comprised of 18 students, visited the Palau Public Utilities Corporation’s (PPUC) water and wastewater treatment plants.


The purpose of this field trip was to give the students a firsthand experience of the water purification process. According to the Chemistry class teacher, Ms. Liezel Pulgueras, “the students will observe and compare how water from the reservoir is pumped to different holding tanks for sedimentation, filtration and treatment before distribution for household consumption.

This activity will help the students to be aware of the importance of water conservation, how to protect their watershed environment and reduce the waste materials.” Mr. Grant Ngirengchui, Koror-Airai Water Treatment Plant supervisor, facilitated the tour at the two watersheds in Ngerikiil and Ngerimel, and at the water treatment plant in Ngeruluobel, Airai. The class also toured the Koror Wastewater Treatment Plant in Malakal. Mr. Albert Philip of PPUC’s Wastewater Operations, facilitated the tour and answered the students’ questions about wastewater treatment. Overall, this field trip was very productive, interactive, and educational for all the students.

They had a list of questions to ask the PPUC staff mainly about water and wastewater treatment. PPUC is grateful to have hosted this successful field trip and is willing to participate in future events in order to increase awareness of our services and promote energy and water conservation. [/restrict]