Koror, Palau—Forty two Palau High School (PHS) students visited the Koror-Airai Water Treatment Plant and the Wastewater Treatment Plant as part of their Environmental Science class on Tuesday 18th February 2020. Ms. Liezel Pulgueras, Environmental Science instructor, stated in her letter that the “main objective of this activity is to provide information on how water systems work in our community.” She relates this activity to their course objective of Water Cycle and Waste Water system.

At the Water Treatment Plant, Supervisor Grant Ngirengchui facilitated the tour and students were able to see firsthand the treatment process including sedimentation, filtration, and chlorination prior to distribution to Koror and Airai. Students also visited the small laboratory where operators test the treated water every hour. Some students even took samples of the raw and treated water. After the tour, students heard a brief lecture on water conservation and average water use and bill.

The tour continued to the Wastewater Treatment Plant in Malakal where Manager Clarence Masayos briefed the students on the importance of a wastewater treatment system. He also encouraged the students to consider careers in the field of waste management. Field Supervisor Albert Phillip explained how the flow is being sent to the treatment plant and led a tour around the sewer facilities while explaining the biological treatment process the waste goes through before being discharged to the nearby ocean.

Overall, the activity was a successful event for both PPUC and the students! Looking forward for more!