On Friday, 03 December 2016, a group of history class students of Palau High School had the opportunity to explore areas in Palau where important historical events took place.  The first stop was to hike up Rois Remdiu where many World War II remnants are still visible around the area. A brief stop and presentation at Jellyfish Lake was made then the students spent the rest of their day in Ulong Island.  


Ulong is where Captain Wilson’s ship Antelope was shipwrecked and the place where the ship reconstruction took place.  Another highlight of Ulong is the recently restored traditional village by Koror State Government making it one of the most significant primitive sites that can be seen in Palau today.

The places visited are all part of the Rock Islands Southern Lagoon (RISL), which was inscribed not too long ago as a World Heritage Site—an integral aspect of world history in our very own territory.  The success of this field trip was made possible through the great support received from the Department of  Conservation and Law Enforcement and Department of State & Cultural Affairs of Koror State along with Fish N’ Fins and IMPAC.  Many thanks and blessings to all who made this meaningful field trip possible!  Happy and Blessed Holidays! [/restrict]