04 August 2017

Embassy of Japan in Palau

Mr. Beckwin Mechol Jr. was granted the opportunity to attend a Japanese language program offered by Japan Foundation from September 6-20, 2017 in Osaka, Japan.


The purpose of this program is to offer outstanding students of the Japanese language colleges and educational institutions abroad the opportunity to visit Japan, and to deepen their knowledge of Japanese language, society and culture. Mr. Mechol Jr. is one of the 50 participants from 50 countries around the world who were selected to participate in this two-week program. Participants will learn more about Japan through lectures on language, social and cultural aspects of Japan and experience Japanese culture by visiting cultural facilities, historical sites and home visits.

Mr. Beckwin Jr. said: “I am honored to have this opportunity to visit such a beautiful country. I am quite excited and a bit nervous. I hope to set a good example to strengthen the bond between Palau and Japan through this program and other programs to come”.

The Embassy of Japan is pleased to partner with Japan Foundation and Japanese Language Institute towards the promotion of learning Japanese language and continues to seek opportunities to encourage more Palauan students to study Japanese as well as to further their study in Japan. [/restrict]