A group of World History class students of Palau High School agreed and decided to do a special worship dance along with a special duet performance to their own version of “Our Father” during their school’s Education Awareness Week Closing Ceremony at KB Bridge-Koror Side on Friday, 17 March 2017.  [restrict]  The students had the Bible verse “I AM NOT ASHAMED” from Romans 1:16 printed on their t-shirts which had a clear and meaningful message to the crowd.  The students were very brave and many overcame their fear and embarrassment.  God’s Holy and Powerful Name was definitely glorified and honored in the beautiful breezy day at KB Bridge.

The overcomers would like to take this opportunity and humbly convey their utmost gratitude and blessings to their attire sponsors, Mr. Vann Isaac, Legislator of Ikelau Hamelt, Koror State and Ms. Kiku Brell who are both business associates of Palau Tripeasy Travel Services.  Another notable heartfelt appreciation goes out to Mr. Sakiusa “Saki” Vaka Naivana, a Fijian Missionary of Every Home for Christ for his willingness and commitment to teach the worship dance as well as sharing God’s Word for the past several Thursdays at the student lunch fellowship.  Many thanks are also extended to Saki’s supportive wife, Mrs. Andrea Vereen-Naivana and their children. All praise and glory be given to our God the Father,
God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. God bless the youth of Palau, God bless the Republic of Palau!