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To help in the fight against non-communicable disease (NCD), President Remengesau announced that he will be issuing an executive order mandating all government employees to undergo physical exam.  He added that he plan to work with national congress to pass a law that would also mandate all employees in the private sector to get physical exam as well.

“It was my message to the elderly this year, get a physical exam regardless of age,” added Remengesau emphasizing that early detection and prevention of potential health issues can save lives.

With Palau recorded at the top 10 most obese countries in the world and with majority of its health cases referred overseas for treatment NCD related, President Remengesau is pushing for preventive health care.

Palau National Health Insurance in its regulations made provisions for physical exams to be covered by the NHI as part of the push toward preventive health care.

“There is no excuse anymore.  Everyone should take advantage of this,” stated Remengesau.

“Number of untimely deaths in Palau could have been prevented had people undergone medical check-up earlier and received treatment earlier,” expressed Remengesau. (By L.N. Reklai)