The Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC) Outreach team has began their annual school visits to introduce the theme for the Arts and Tides Calendar Contest. On Wednesday November 15th, Ms. Ines Kintoki and Ms. Anna Parker visited Emmaus-Bethania High School to announce the theme for the 2019 Arts and Tides Calendar. 

[restrict] The theme for this year’s calendar is, “Water Connects Palau from Ridge to Reef”. The theme for this calendar has been chosen following one of the most severe droughts recorded in Palau.  With this theme PICRC hopes to remind the public that freshwater is a fundamental resource for people and ecosystems. From our rainforests to our coral reefs, water connects all of Palau. While we are surrounded by an ocean of water, freshwater is a finite resource that needs protection. It is one of the most valuable resources our planet has to offer and must be used responsibly or like any resource it will be depleted and gone forever.

Each year PICRC staff visit schools to present the theme for the Arts and Tides Calendar contest. Every year, a theme is carefully chosen to engage students in conservation topics relevant to Palau and to create an appreciation for the precious resources our island provides. In addition, the calendars raise awareness through valuable information on regulated marine species, open and closed fishing seasons, local tides, and moon phases.

PICRC strongly encourages schools and teachers to promote the calendar contest among students. During the past Arts and Tides Calendar Contest, PICRC received artwork from 16 out of the 18 elementary schools and 4 out of the 5 high schools. A total of 57% of the FY2016-17 school enrollment in Palau participated in the past art contest.

Any schools that would like to request a presentation for the 2019 Arts and Tides Calendar Contest theme please contact Ms. Ines Kintoki at 488-6950 or [/restrict]