Mira Eyangel Mariur has returned to Palau from the University of Hawaii to attend the 2019 Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC) Summer Internship Program.

For this internship, Mira is working under the mentorship of PICRC Researcher Victor Nestor to test corals tolerance to heat stress.

During her time at PICRC, Mira has been collecting samples of two coral species, Porites cylindrica and Porites rus, from two different sites – Ngermid Bay and German Channel. With the guidance of her mentor, Mira has been using innovative coral stress tanks at PICRC to compare the different corals and their responses to increased temperatures. The results from this project will help improve our understanding of coral heat resistance in Palau.

Mira is a junior at University of Hawaii Hilo, majoring in Environmental Studies. Upon graduating, she plans to continue her education in the field of natural resource management. Mira chose to intern at PICRC, because she believes that the Center will help her gain the knowledge and experience for her to continue her education. (PR)