From left to right: Dr. Golbuu, Chairman Tmetuchel of PVA Board, Director of Olgeriil of KS C&E Dep and Governor Gibbons of Koror State.

Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC) Chief Executive Officer Yimnang, Koror State Governor Franco Gibbons, and Palau Visitors Authority (PVA) Board of Directors together with their respective staff met to discuss the possibility of rehabilitating the corals of Ngerchong Garden.

PICRC Aquarium Supervisor Laura Del Rio presented the results of the survey to select the site for rehabilitation.

Out of the six sites assessed, Ngerchong Inside was chosen as 60% of its corals were destroyed by Typhoon Bopha in 2012.

Ngerchong is considered an ideal site for snorkeling and diving; the possibility of involving the local and foreign community to help rehabilitate the site was discussed during the meeting.

PICRC will develop the plan for the actual restoration, while PVA develops the marketing plan. Both plans will be reviewed by Koror State before full implementation occurs.

With climate change and other stressors affecting our reefs, we have to look for ways to help our reefs thrive and recover from disturbance.  This collaborative project among PICRC, Koror State and PVA will test best ways to help damaged reefs recover and will help restore other damaged coral reef areas. (PR)