For the past semester, Palau Community College students in the Information Technology Department (PCC IT) worked endlessly on three different projects to develop tablet-based apps for Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC). As part of their final presentation, these students presented the apps in the IT Symposium held at PCC Assembly Hall on May 11, 2018. These students were: Destiny Emesiochel, Kersten Dismas, Howard Charles Jr., Tewid Rebluud, and Tricia Pedro.

The android apps that were developed included: tablet-based survey for the Socioeconomic Project headed by researcher Lincy Marino; a Seagrass Manual app; and an app for the Paradise of Nature: Understanding the Wonders of Palau book.

The tablet-based survey will be used in conducting surveys in states within Palau. Having a tablet-based survey will ensure accurate data entry and more efficient data analysis. At the same time, it is environmentally friendly in terms of reduction in the use of paper and ink. The seagrass manual app is a useful learning tool for those who are in training to learn seagrass monitoring protocol and seagrass scientific names. The Paradise of Nature app gives access to all students in Palau to learn about Palau’s unique natural environment.

These apps for seagrass manual and Paradise of Nature are now available for immediate download for android devices on the Google Play Store, for free. PICRC staff would like to extend their deepest gratitude to the PCC IT students and their teacher, Johvanna Yaoch for making these possible. These apps will go a long way in helping PICRC research department with its research and outreach programs. (PR)