Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC) is pleased to announce the release of the 2018 Arts & Tides Calendar. The theme for the 2018 calendar is, Taro Fields Protect Coral Reefs”. Results from a study conducted by PICRC and its partners in 2012 showed taro field can trap up to 90% of fine sediments during heavy rains. Through the distribution of this calendar, PICRC hopes to promote the use of taro farming and the dual benefits of taro patches. Not only do taro fields  provide a staple crop for the people of Palau, but they also act as a buffer for marine environments, reducing the amount of sediment that flows into our coastal areas.


The Arts and Tides Calendar has remained a tradition since PICRC opened in 2001. Year after year PICRC staff have carefully selected a theme to engage students in conservation concerns relevant  to Palau. Promoting conservation through art allows students to think critically about Palau’s ecosystems and provides them a platform to be heard. These inspired calendars remind us of our collective responsibility to conserve our planet and to preserve the precious resources that it provides. Additionally, the calendars offer valuable information on regulated marine species, open and closed fishing seasons, local tides, and moon phases.

PICRC would like to thank the students who participated in this year’s contest, and all of the judges, who volunteered their time and efforts to create this calendar. PICRC would also like to acknowledge and express thanks to the following sponsors, whose charitable contributions were critical in the production of the 2018 Arts and Tides Calendar: Western Caroline Trading Center (WCTC), Blue Bay Petroleum Incorporated, Surangel & Sons Company, Surangel’s Construction Company, Toba Aquarium in Japan, Sun’s Flower Shop, Day Dream, Garden Palace, IMPAC Tours, IP&E Palau Incorporated, Palau Pacific Resort, Palau Royal Resort, Papago International Resort, Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan), Rock Island Tour Company, Splash, Ngara Maiberel, and Belau Medical Clinic.

The calendars are currently being distributed to schools, partners and sponsors. Additional copies will be made available to purchase at the Palau Aquarium’s Giant Clam Gift Shop. Please contact Ms. Ines Kintoki at 488-6950 or for more information about the Arts & Tides Calendar Contest and calendar sponsorship. [/restrict]