Palau International Coral Reef Center’s (PICRC) newest researcher, Ms. Lincy Marino, has been selected to attend a two-month JICA Training Program called “Coastal and Marine Ecosystem Conservation through Collaborative Management.” 

[restrict] The program aims to develop and build capacity for the sustainable management of coastal ecosystems. This program is specifically designed for countries that deal with coastal management. Countries targeted for the program include Palau, Fiji, Solomon Islands, Kiribati, among a few others.


“We are grateful to JICA for this opportunity for our researcher to attend this training program”, stated PICRC CEO, Dr. Yimnang Golbuu.  “Since Lincy is our newest researcher, we aim to build her capacity as much as possible and this training by JICA offers us that opportunity to further improve her skills and knowledge as a researcher.”


Though Ms. Marino will focus on the socioeconomic aspect of marine conservation, it is important that she gain an understanding of coastal and marine management. Because the majority of PICRCs work deals with marine conservation, this training will allow Ms. Marino to learn more about Marine Protected Areas (MPAs)–how they are developed, managed, protected, etc. With this, Ms. Marino will be able to carry out her responsibilities as a researcher at PICRC to her utmost potential.


The JICA training program is a two month program. The first month of the training will be in Okinawa, Japan, and the second month will be conducted in Palau. [/restrict]