Fisheries and food security are among the top issues in Palau.  Climate change and other stressors are making the problem worse, therefore urgent action and attention are needed.

Climate change is expected to dramatically redistribute the world’s fisheries in the near future. Experts predict that by 2050, climate change alone will reduce Palau’s fisheries catch potential by 50%.  This substantial loss of catch will provide major implications for local food security in Palau.


The Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC) and Stanford University’s Center for Ocean Solutions are collaborating to host a workshop from March 15-17 called “Managing Palau’s Fisheries and Ensuring Food Security in the face of multiple stressors: research and action needs.”

The goals of the meeting are to bring together experts with diverse backgrounds related to Palau’s coral reefs, near and offshore fisheries, food security, and governance/political landscape to build a collective understanding of the risks to Palau’s marine resources, fisheries, and food security, identify the initiatives, interventions or policy levers available for anticipating and mitigating these risks, and identify/prioritize the critical research needs in support of these actions.

During the workshop, stakeholders and researchers will engage in an open dialogue to identify gaps in knowledge in sustainable management of fisheries. As part of the workshop, participants will develop a research plan that will support healthy fisheries, and ensure food security in the face of environmental, social, and economic change.

 A total of 27 participants have been invited to take part in this three-day workshop, spanning many organizations:  Ministry of Natural Resources, Environment and Tourism, The Nature Conservancy, Koror State Coastal Management Office, Koror State Department of Conservation & Law Enforcement, PICRC, Ebiil Society, Palau Community College, Secretariat of the Pacific Community, National Geographic, University of Guam, University of Hawaii, University of Queensland, and Stanford University. [/restrict]