On Friday, July 1st, the Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC) held an Appreciation Luncheon for proprietress, Ms. Sandra Sumang Pierantozzi. This meeting was held to provide Ms. Pierantozzi with an update on PICRC’s latest research and education efforts. PICRC greatly values the contributions Marcello and Sandra Pierantozzi have made throughout the years. Present at the luncheon was CEO Dr. Yimnang Golbuu, the Board of Directors, and PICRC staff, and partners.


Ms. Pierantozzi, who herself was once the Chief Executive Officer of PICRC,  has continued to be a huge supporter of the Center.  As a former CEO, Ms. Pierantozzi was integral in shaping PICRC into the world-class facility that it is today.  Ms. Pierantozzi has remained a loyal donors who contributes to the PICRC Annual Fundraising Gala and the Arts and Tides Calendar.

Ms. Pierantozzi is devoted to many causes. Among her generous contributions she has invested in and helped established the Palau Conservation Society and the Sumang-Demei Scholarship, which has been awarding students excelling in academics for the past twenty years. “I constantly give with the belief that although my contributions may be small, if they influence and encourage someone, then my work is done.” Ms. Pierantozzi shared with PICRC staff at the luncheon.

Sandra Pierantozzi is a role model for women and Palauans. She proves it is possible to be successful and give back to your community.  PICRC would like to thank Marcello and Sandra Pierantozzi for their continued support and investment in the sustainability of PICRC. [/restrict]