For nearly 18 years, Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC) has had the privilege of guiding efforts to support coral reef conservation in Palau. January 18, 2019, will officially mark PICRC’s 18 years of devotion to Palau’s unique marine environment. Every year, to celebrate PICRC’s anniversary, a theme is selected to highlight a certain facet of the Center’s core values. The theme chosen for this year’s anniversary is, “Building a Strong Foundation for a Resilient Future.”

This theme honors our ancestors who built the strong foundation that we continue to build upon.  To ensure that we remain resilient in the face of many local and global challenges, we must continue to work together. This year’s theme is a reminder of this collective responsibility.

PICRC strives to develop new strategies to protect our marine ecosystems in the face of climate change. As pressures on our oceans continue to rise, it is imperative that we protect these resources so that our oceans stand a chance in the future. This coming year, PICRC will continue existing projects to better the management of Palau’s resources and will initiate new projects and approaches to help build resilience to climate change.

With many innovative projects, strong partnerships, and a sturdy foundation to build on, PICRC hopes to strengthen that foundation and secure a resilient future for Palau’s natural resources and its people.