In May, Palau International Coral Reef Center welcomed Ms. Christina Muller-Karanassos onto the Research Team. Her parents are originally from Greece and Brazil, but she grew up in Oman.

Muller-Karanassos earned her Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science from the University of Birmingham in the UK and her Master of Research in Marine Biology from Plymouth University, also in the UK.

Her master’s thesis focused primarily on the effects of anti-fouling paint particles on benthic organisms, and it was published in Environmental Pollution earlier this year; another paper is also currently being written.

Muller-Karanassos comes to the Center from Qatar, where she worked as an Environmental Monitoring Officer for an environmental consultancy that was responsible for monitoring the environmental impacts of a large port development project.

There, she conducted a wide range of fieldwork, data analysis, technical report writing, and calibration and maintenance of equipment.

At PICRC, Muller-Karanassos is working as a Research assistant, helping PICRC researchers with data collection, processing, and analysis for different projects, such as The Nature Conservancy community fisheries project and fish stock assessments.

“I hope to learn as much as possible while working at PICRC including furthering my research skills and gaining knowledge on coral reef and fisheries research being carried out in Palau,” Muller-Karanassos said. PICRC would like to welcome Christina and is grateful for the invaluable contributions she will make to our work. (PR)