In an effort to contribute to the education of the Palauan community, PIE Printing donated 189 copies of “The Baby Hawksbill Turtle’s Adventure to the Sea” to the Ministry of Education on Thursday January 16th.

PIE Printing General Manager James Da-Chuan Ku mentioned that it was an honor to be able to contribute to the Palauan Community. He added that they PIE Printing is planning to contribute more to the Palauan community in terms of education, health, and environmental issues. The Ministry of Education are very appreciative of this generous contribution.

Minister of Education Sinton Soalablai mentions that the book is in high demand and that it’s a book that is hard to come by. He added that the Ministry of Education are planning to donate these books to mothers with children who range from ages 0 to 3.

Studies show that a child’s brain at age 3 has already developed 80%. Minister Soalablai believes that by giving these books to these children will potentially impact Palau’s future greatly.

In a letter to the President, Ministry of Education is requesting for the implementation of an Early Childhood Development program in Palau with the help of ministry of health, community and cultural affairs, finance, and other relevant ministries so that they can provide adequate growth and development of the youngest children.

Finally, the dates and times have yet to be confirmed on the donations of the books as well as the implementation of the Early Childhood Development Program since they are still in the initial stages of both projects. (Telbakes Yano)