PNCC Board of Directors meeting with Palau Medical Referral Program Coordinator and members of the Ungil Chais Fellowship Church on July 5, 2019.

The PNCC Board of Directors met with the members of Ungil Chais Fellowship Church and Palau Medical Referral Coordinator in Hawaii, Ms. Alyn Takada, who is in charge of the Palau housing in Honolulu for all referral patients from Palau, on July 5, 2019.

Over the years, PNCC as an entity have helped to support the Palau Medical Referral House with donations of food and supplies.

Last month, a group from Ungil Chais Fellowship Church of Honolulu, where Ms. Takada is a member, came to Palau to attend the 90th Gospel Day Celebration at Palau Evangelical Church. This opened up an opportunity for PNCC Board members to meet with the coordinator to hear about the current needs of the Palau House in Hawaii, and to find out how PNCC can help.

During the meeting, PNCC Board learned about the important services that the Palau Housein Hawaii provides to all referred patients from Palau, and the ways the housing can be improved to benefit the patients. In support of this essential program, the PNCC Board presenteda $600 check donation to the Palau House, plus fifteen copies of the PNCC phone book. (PR)