Effective  Monday, July 4, 2016, PNCC is introducing new, more affordable DSL Internet plans that are discounted by 50%-60%.

DSL plans will now start at the speed of 128 kbps for only $160 per month, a 58% discount off the current rate of $379.95. The DSL Lite 64kbps plan that was offered at $199.95 has been discontinued and all current DSL Lite customers will be moved to the new 128kbps plan at the reduced rate.


DSL subscribers on higher-speed plans will receive increased speeds for similar or lower rates as their current plans.  A variety of plans from 128kbps up to 4 MB are offered, with speeds higher than 4MB available upon request (inception rates pending tariff).

PNCC is Palau’s only provider of DSL Internet service.  DSL provides high-speed data connections over regular copper telephone lines for faster, more secure Internet access.  DSL service offers the advantage of “always on” service that is conveniently charged on your monthly PNCC bill, with no extra hourly fees.

Due to the surge in many types of Internet applications including multi-media, video, and frequent software updates that require high bandwidth, PNCC has been steadily increasing international Internet capacity and service speeds for all Internet services, including 3G mobile data, PNCC Wi-Fi hotspots, HomeNet, and DSL.

For more information on the new DSL plans and rates, please call 488-9000/9600. [/restrict]