Palau National Communications Corporation (PNCC) will have 4G technology integrated into their cellular services by the end of this year according to their news release this week.


Construction of the new infrastructure will commence this month to completely replace the PalauCel infrastructure in Koror and Airai with 4G technology by December 2017. The first 4G sites are planned to go live in October.

New 4G antennas will also be placed in the Rock Islands and Ngerulmud. The antennas currently used in Koror and Airai will be relocated to Babeldaob to improve coverage and to replace all the older 2G cell sites.

PNCC’s new 4G service will offer very high-speed mobile data capabilities to take advantage of the new submarine fiber optic connectivity for Palau.

“4G” stands for “fourth generation” wireless technology, offering much faster internet access using your mobile phone. Also called LTE (“Long Term Evolution”), 4G is capable of speeds at least ten times faster than 3G.

“The 4G project is an important step in PNCC’s strategy to upgrade the telecommunications network to provide the best-in-class Internet services when the submarine cable lands in Palau,” commented Leo Ben Teriong, Acting General Manager.

The PalauCel 4G system will support both 3G and 4G smartphones, but older “2G” cellphones will not work on the 4G sites (2G technology is for voice and texting services only).

To assist customers who don’t have smartphones yet, PNCC is offering a low-cost 3G smartphone, the Huawei Y3C, for only $65.  Customers with good credit standing may charge the smartphone to their monthly bill. [/restrict]