PNCC Chairman Norman Ngiratecheboet during a press conference on July 24, 2019. (Rhealyn C. Pojas)

Palau National Communication Corporation (PNCC) Chairman is working to expand workforce and telecommunications in Palau reaching to schools, churches and other non-profit organizations.

Chairman Norman Ngiratecheboet declared first project as expansion of work force and PNCC services in the PRA building. He clarified that services offered in the office located opposite of Koror Post will continue.

PNCC is working to establish trigger points with National Development Bank Pacific (NDBP) and Koror state so that they can start the task.

The plans for work force expansion is aimed towards young high school and Palau Community College students. The company will work to bring in students to work in different departments and provide full scholarships for those interested in making a career out of work assigned.

Ngiratecheboet revealed that second project is aimed at acquiring a loan of 25 million from ADB. PNCC has already taken up a loan of 18 million that is helping the growth of the company but due to high interest rate work pace is slow.

The company now aims to free more capital by terminating the RUS loan using the remaining 4 million to get pending work done.

The loan will help replace the 20-year-old PNCC system for better fiber optic compatibility. It will also bring the fibering system through land in Babeldaob for access to better services including extension from Kayangel to the Southwest Islands.

“PNCC can become a dominant opponent in the field of telecommunications when it comes to the RPPL 10-17,” Ngiratecheboet said. (Kerdeu Uong)