PORT MORESB (THE NATIONAL)—About 5,700 prison escapees and bail absconders have remained at large since 2010, PNG Correctional Services Commissioner Steven Pokanis says.

“There are about 700 escapees and about 5,000 bail absconders from prisons around the country and they will soon be published in the media for the community to help bring them back to prison to serve out their respective terms,” he said.

“We will publish those bail absconders who were released on bail from custody in prison and never returned to continue their court appearances.

“We will also publish both the bail absconders and escapees – their full names, photos, crime convicted for, their full sentences, length of their sentences before escaping, escape date, birth marks or tattoos – well, in fact, all their personal details.”

Pokanis said Baisu prison in Western Highlands had a bad record of communities not cooperating with Correctional Services officers to ensure escapees were returned.

“All the escapees from Baisu for the last 10 years and beyond have not returned,” he said.

“But its big difference from other prisons in the Highlands and also throughout the country – when prisoners escape, the community leaders pursue them to return and complete their sentences.”

Meanwhile, Pokanis said there were three prison breaks this year.

“There were break-outs in Beon prison in Madang where 48 prisoners escaped on March 10, 11 prisoners escaped from Kerevat prison on April 23, and 13 inmates escaped from Buebi prison.”….PACNEWS

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