PORT MORESBY, 19 FEBRUARY 2018 (POST COURIER) — The Papua New Guinea Government will demand Tolukuma Gold Mine to surrender its license because they failed to operate fully after six months of being awarded the contract.

Last week, the courts ordered and declared that the company was liquidated and a process will soon be put in place after the licence is surrendered for a new developer to enter into the mining operation of the mine.


This is from Mining Minister Johnson Tuke, who told Parliament that the government will demand for the licence shortly.

Tuke was responding to Goilala MP William Samb, who questioned why the mine was liquidated, why the mine had not included him in all the agreements and why the road contract was still not contracted to a company to enable the road leading to the mine fixed.

“Let me tell this house and the people of Goilala and Papua New Guinea that the company apparently is in liquidation. What you see and learn in the paper is nothing but the truth,” Tuke said.

“As a consequence there are problems as far as Tolukuma is concerned. The process at MRA with licences – not to hold onto it and do nothing. So in the next course of days, we will demand Tolukuma to surrender their licence to us, so a new company or anybody can raise or participate in the mine.

“Also, in the new mining law that was passed yesterday, it gives us power at some sort, so we will now make decisions so that all these things will now involve everyone in the benefit sharing agreement

“Also, seriously, I am not party to decide on who to take any contract as it is a CSTB process, and so to speak, the company has already been selected. I don’t get involved in the process of determining a contractor – it is the CSTB,” he said….. PACNEWS [/restrict]