PORT MORESBY, 06 APRIL 2017 (POST COURIER) — In his departing words, Sir Michael Somare has called for reforms in the political parties system, with strong emphasis on the need for strong policies towards the future for Papua New Guinea.

He said policies were seriously needed to enable effective services to the people of the country that will contribute to improvement in society that appreciates a government focused on it.


“Policies are the way of the future in PNG. We must rely on rules and we must always work to improve them.

“Our political party system requires reform so that the parties reflect the challenges and needs of our people.

“Political parties must plan to prioritise the needs of Papua New Guineans first. This will translate to service delivery, institutional capacity and governance.

“Law and order will benefit from rules and public tenders and other social standards will improve if we honour and worship rules of our adopted system as much as we honour and worship our Christian principles in this country.”

Registrar for political parties and candidates Dr Alphonse Gelu thanked the grand chief for reiterating the need for reforms in the political party systems. Something his registry had been pushing for since 2014 through proposed amendments to the organic law on political parties and candidates.

“For us the amendments we did in the organic law is now to strengthen political parties.

“The important statement he made in strengthening our state institutions, that is in the bureaucracy, our ombudsman, the parliament and the public service.

“Once we strengthen all those institutions they will work for the country and people. Right now the institutions are not strengthened and as a result we have all those leaks,” Gelu said.

“In my role as the registrar of political parties from the 2007 election, I remember very well Sir Michael started talking about us moving out of the mentality of personalised Political Parties.

“It’s a very good point, personalised political parties are not owned by individuals, political parties are owned by its members and that is my role as the registrar to ensure,” he said…. PACNEWS [/restrict]