Track & Field resurfaced and repaired

The Palau National Olympic Committee  with the Palau National Track & Field Association invites the public to the soft opening of the Palau National Track & Field TODAY Tuesday, 5th of July 2016 at the Track & Field venue. Track will be open for Public Usage after the soft opening on regular schedule.


Micro Basketball Tournament this July

The Palau Basketball Federation will be hosting the Micronesia Basketball Tournament (MBT) 17 & under here in Palau from July 24th -30th, 2016. Teams consist of four visiting island countries CNMI, Guam and Yap.   This year’s tournament will be only be men’s division.  There was only 1 registered women’s team besides Palau; therefore, the women’s division was withdrawn.

Judo Federation to send 8 athletes to Japan

On the mat, Palau Judo Federation is hosting various fundraising events, to help send eight of their young athletes to Japan to attend a judo training program and competition from August 1-3.

Canoe Camp to start July 21st

In other upcoming regional and international sports events in Palau,   The Canoe Association of Palau host a sprint race on 16th July 2016, a Canoe Camp starting on July 21st – 23rd, 2016 catered for 8 – 13 years of age, and will be hosting the Canoe international sprint and long distance event at the 16th Annual Micro Cup on October 21st – 23rd, 2016. Micro Cup is an annual event between Micronesian Islands held every October.

For further information or if you wish to volunteer on any sports events and programs this summer, please contact the  Palau NOC office at 680 488 4491/6562 and talk to Jayvan Emesiochel or go to the national Olympic committee website at  Or email . [/restrict]