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The Palau National Scholarship Board has awarded over 1.2 million dollars to over 250 students for this fall 2019 semester.

The PNSB financial awards this school year were significantly reduced as a result of available program fund as well as the number of eligible students.

The current level of PNSB Fund appropriation each year is $949,000.00 for fall semester and $949,000.00 for spring semester.

PNSB also receives 50% of the foreign worker fees/permit fees every month to supplement the PNSB programs.

The PNSB said it needs a budget of at least 4 million dollars to be able to provide the financial awards closer to the needs of the students.

PNSB award amounts are dynamic and vary depending on several factors, which include fund availability, number of eligible students, fields of studies, academic performance of the students, and class level, the PNSB revealed.

PNSB continues to seek additional support from the national government and strives to award as much support to the students whenever possible. (PR)