Gory police photos of a dead young man that were taken during an investigation were circulating online a few days after the victim was found dead at the parking lot of a store in Ngerkesoaul on January 25.

Several photos of victim McClain Omdasu Isidoro, who was killed recently after he was allegedly repeatedly struck with a concrete block on his head and other parts of his body, had been shared through private messaging in a social media platform. The photos, shot from different angles, showed the face of the victim splotched with blood and the extent of injury inflicted on him.

Public Safety Director Aloysius Alonz confirmed in a text message to Island Times yesterday that he was aware of the circulating photos and that those indeed are part of the police report.

“These photos are part of the police report and should be kept in the police files,” Alonz told Island Times.

Alonz also shared that he had already tasked the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) to investigate how these police files had been leaked to the social media.

The suspect behind the alleged murder of Isidoro, who was identified by police as Riley Ngiraremiang, had just pleaded not guilty to the charges of murder in the second degree during an arraignment held on January 28. The court set a cash bail worth $1,000 for the defendant.

Ngiraremiang faced the murder complaint following the death of a victim whom he allegedly hammered to death with a concrete block at a store parking lot in Ngerkesoaul. (Rhealyn C. Pojas)