The dust finally settles as Palau Election Commission certified results of the heated States elections this past month.

After over a decade, Ngarchelong finally passed the baton of governorship from a seasoned politician Browny Salvador to a newcomer to politics, Richard Ngiratrang as the new Governor.

Palau Election Commission certified that out of 1,160 registered voters of Ngarchelong State, 787 or 68% casted votes at the Ngarchelong 10th General Election.  Of those votes cast, Richard Ngiratrang received 435 and Browny Salvador received 345 votes.

Eight legislators representing 8 hamlets of Ngarchelong were also certified.  These were Abraham Osima, Brynn Elilai Demei, Dwight Ngiraibai, Ngirablau Sambal, Caleb Tekriu, Dorothy Ueda, Yohei Merur and Dwight Ngirmechat.

In addition, the approval of the proposed amendment to Ngarchelong State Constitution Article XV, Section 1 (b) to reduce the percentage of votes required to amend the constitution from 75% to 60% was certified by EC.  472 out of 694 voters approved the constitutional amendment.

On the Ngiwal 18th Legislature Election, eight candidates were declared winners with two tied for 7th place.  Since only seven seats are open, run-off election between the two tied at 7th place, Hideki Takataro and Russel Masayos, will take place on Monday, September 17.  Ngiwal State have different election cycles for its gubernatorial seat and its legislature.

Other six certified include Ilabsis Ngirakesau, Jeff Ngirarsaol, Bolton Tengoll, Cisco Melaitau, Marina Udui and Asaria Timarong. (L.N. Reklai)