Palau Pacific Resort, operating more than 30 years attributes its success to its Associates and the hard work they put into helping the Resort reach its vision “to be the best Resort in Asia Pacific”.

The Resort created a teambuilding activity that would send its management team to the state of Peleliu where they would take a tour of the sites, focusing on its history during World War II.


The team comprised of 72 Palauans and expatriates were divided into 3 trips.

The tour guide for all trips was Mr. Tangerkoi ‘Tangie’ Hesus who is an expert to the history of Peleliu during World War II.

The program included a visit to the Peleliu Visitor’s Center and various War sites that included Bloody Nose Ridge, 1,000 men caves and the state’s War Museum as well as the cottage used by the Japan Emperor and Empress Visit to Palau on April 2015. In addition, a ceremony of incense and flowers offered in memory of those who fought and died, lived and passed.

For many, the experience was educational, interactive, and at some points somber but with the hope for peace for all.

A special thanks to those external providers who helped the Resort with all 3 trips which includes the boat provider/operator, catering, land transport and again to the indispensable guide ‘Tangie’.

Due to this trip to Peleliu we purchased the ‘With the Old Breed’ book by E.B.Sledge and a DVD the ‘Bloody Hills of Peleliu by the History Channel.  We scheduled time after each trip to view the DVD and had the book available to sign out to read.

Palau Pacific Resort’s Management team would like to congratulate the Peleliu people and its government for the immaculate and hygienic public areas like the Elochel port and the Memorial Park. [/restrict]