Mr. Telchalb Merep, a Board member of Palau Public Utilities Corporation (PPUC) contests the police report that alleges that he had stolen three empty oil drums from PPUC  plant in Malakal.

According to police blotter report of June 18, a person had walked into police central office to report that Mr. Telchalb, had ordered a PPUC employee to give him 3 empty oil drums.

Mr. Telchab, a 79 year old member of PPUC Board, in an interview with Island Times said that he “never had any record in all his life of stealing anything.”

“I had asked the Malakal Plant Manager Mr. Tito, if I can borrow 3 empty oil drums and return them and he had said yes and told me to get at the plant.  And there were people there when I went there that emptied the drums and gave to me.”  “I did not steal them,” expressed Mr. Telchalb.

Mr. Tito, PPUC Malakal Plant manager confirmed Mr. Telchab’s story saying that perhaps the person that reported was not informed regarding the request.

“Normally people purchase the drums but Mr. Telchab only asked to borrow that is why I agreed.  He said he will return. Perhaps the reporter was not fully informed of the request,” added the Malakal Plant Manager.

Police blotter noted that Mr. Telchalb was cited for Theft in the Third Degree. (By L.N. Reklai)