Koror, Palau— On Thursday, March 16, 2017 PPUC Meter Reading Department and Renewable Energy Division (RED) presented to nearly 80 students composed of 6th and 7th graders at the Koror Elementary School (KES) “5th th Annual Learning Fair” as part of the 2017 Educational Awareness Week. Meter Reader Supervisor, Mr. Jesse Edward, presented on how water and electric readings are collected and how those readings are calculated into a customer’s monthly bill. [restrict]

Mr. Edward brought actual water and electric meters and incorporated them in his presentation. PPUC’s RED team consisted of Mr. Kyoshi Ngual, Aries Amanonce, Sherwin Wasai, and JICA volunteer Mr. Yuzo Yasui. Their presentation was on renewable energy mainly focusing on solar energy as it is the only type of renewable energy that is being used in Palau today. They brought a solar panel and demonstrated the process in which sunlight is used to power up a small solar-powered water pump.

After each presentation, PPUC staff quizzed the students and gave away energy-saving light bulbs and T-shirts as prizes. #ppuc #2017keslearningfair. [/restrict