By: L.N. Reklai

September 8, 2016 (Palau) After 20 years under water, Palau Public Utilities Corporation relocated the main power line connecting power between Babeldaob and Koror from its previous location under water up inside the new KB Bridge structure.


The power line was placed under water after the Koror-Babeldaob Bridge collapsed in 1996.  It has been there ever since, according to PPUC CEO Kione Isechal.

“Even though it is well encased and protected, it is well past its “end-of-life” and is starting to affect power loss,” stated Isechal.

The project which was put out to bid a few months ago had taken couple weeks to complete.  “It will only take a few hours to switch the power from the underwater cable to the newly strung one inside the bridge infrastructure,” added CEO Isechal.

Twenty years ago this month, Koror-Babeldoab Bridge collapsed right after repairs leading many to believe that the collapse was caused by the repair.  The collapse caused 2 fatalities and 4 injuries.

September 27th, 2016, will mark the 20th year anniversary of the collapse of the original KB Bridge.  That bridge was touted after its construction as the longest single span bridge of its time. [/restrict]