Representatives of the Senior Management Team of the Palau Public Utilities Corporation (PPUC)had requested to the PPUC Board of Directors to appoint only a qualified Palauan as their Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

In a letter dated July 16 which was addressed to former PPUC Board Chairman Sam Masang, the senior management team expressed that had been instructing the management to seek Palauans who can fill up can’t posts in the corporation which is in compliance with the Palau National Government Personnel Manual, Procurement Policies, and also on Palau Constitutional grounds.

The letter also pointed out that PPUC, as a Palauan-owned corporation, must have a Palauan CEO “who is sensitive to Palauan Culture, Traditions and Customs” and who has the “caliber and strength to overcome emergent corporate challenges.”

“We believe that PPUC should have a Palauan CEO to represent the corporation at international and regional events, local community functions such as Public Hearings, Oversight Hearings, Cabinet Meetings, Leadership Meetings as well as NGO functions and annual conferences…” it stated.

The Senior management team also asked the board to reconsider extending the contract of former PPUC CEO Kione Isechal while the board still looks for a qualified person who can fill up the post.

“We believe not having a full-time CEO with institutional memory and familiarity with day-to-day operational activities will further delay critical urgent on-going and planned corporate activities,” it added.

It also stated that the interest of PPUC and its customers will be better served with a Palauan CEO and Management team. (Rhealyn C. Pojas)