Koror, Palau—One of the components of The National Grid Project is the integration of Renewable Energy (RE) to the power grid. On the Minutes of Discussion signed on Friday December 01, 2017, JICA recognized Palau’s Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) goal of generating 45% energy from renewable sources by 2025. JICA confirmed that their Master Plan will include a Roadmap to reaching this goal.


PPUC and JICA agreed that an analysis of developing the RE Roadmap requires the improvement of diesel engine generators, output restriction of RE generation systems, and finalizing the output and capacity of energy storage. Important factors to consider in achieving the 45% goal include RE power resource, power system analysis and planning, potential sites of RE, and the implementation of the project to meet the 2025 target.

The National Grid Project is officially called the “Project for Study on Upgrading and Maintenance Improvement of the National Power Grid in the Republic of Palau” between PPUC and JICA. Since July 2017, the JICA Team has had multiple visits to Palau in order to gather useful data for analysis and development of a Master Plan for 2030, which will include the RE Roadmap for 2025. [/restrict]