Sewer overflows in various places in Koror continue to plague the residents of Koror as the smell and sewage flows into the streets and people’s yards, especially after heavy rains.

Recent days of heavy rains have caused sewage from sewer manholes in Koror such as Mariar, Kab ra Oldekiang, King’s Minute Mart and Sea Passion to overflow.

Palau Public Utilities Corporation’s solution is to monitor and pump manhole overflows when needed.

“At this time, PPUC Wastewater crews continue to monitor these “vulnerable” sites and pump, snake or jet the sewer line if necessary to prevent or stop overflows”, stated Ms. Rengulbai, PPUC Public Relations Officer when reached for explanation by Island Times.

For long term solution, PPUC says commissioning of the KASP will resolve the problems.  The sewage overflows problems will be monitored by Palau Public Utilities Corporation (PPUC) until the KASP (Koror-Airai Sanitation Project) is commissioned according to information released by PPUC.

PPUC attributes sewer manhole overflows to heavy rains where storm water or runoff enters sewer manholes.  “Manhole at Mariar is only 2 feet deep therefore, when it rains, storm water enters the manhole causing an overflow.  At Kab ra Oldekiang overflows due to large volumes of storm water entering the system exceeding its designed capacity,” explained Ms. Rengulbai.

“Additionally, the Sewage Pumping Station (SPS) 1 by the CIP Office may also be shut off during heavy rains when storm water enters and overwhelms the pump. When the pump station is shut off, the sewage is discharged to the waters at CIP, Happy Landing and Long Island. However, a pump truck is always stationed at the site to help pump the sewage in order to avoid overflow. The recent overflow at the Treatment Plant is caused by the large volume of sewage that is being sent to the Treatment facility,” added Rengulbai.

As solution, Ms. Rengulbai added, “When the new sewer system (KASP) is commissioned, the new pump station at T-Dock across the former KR Hardware will resolve the issue at Mariar because the sewage from the Topside area will no longer use the line in Meketii. Rather, it will be pumped back up to the new sewer line on the main road. Further, the new pumping station at CIP under the KASP will also resolve the issues and Kab ra Oldekiang and the SPS 1 (CIP) as the capacity of the system will increase and will be able to pump the sewage to the Treatment Plant.”