Through a technical assistance (TA) from the Asian Development Bank (ADB), PPUC is working with an experienced consultant to develop standards for water supply and sewerage design and planning, operations and maintenance. On Thursday September 9, 2021, a virtual workshop was held between PPUC and ADB to introduce said project and assign tasks to be done by both sides. PPUC’s newly appointed Chief Executive Officer Frank Kyota gave welcoming remarks at the workshop. “When water utility companies and governments invest in the development and application of standards, they can observe and identify a number of benefits including a uniform way of operating. Standards allow utilities to mitigate risk especially when adopting new technologies,” CEO Kyota added.
PPUC trusts that with the guidance of consultant Ms. Jammie Saena, former Managing Director for the Samoa Water Authority and former Chairperson of the Pacific Water and Wastewater Association, the Project will progress efficiently and have beneficial outcomes for both PPUC and its customers.
Vision: PPUC will be the most professional utility corporation in providing reliable, economical, sustainable and quality services for its customers

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