January 26, 2017- Since late November 2016, PPUC has received a total of 11 new sewer pumps. Since the arrival of these new pumps, PPUC Wastewater management and appropriate personnel have started installation work. New sewer pumps have been installed in Medalaii, Ngerbodel, Meyuns, and Delui and Butilei in Dngeronger hamlet.


On Wednesday January 25, 2017, PPUC Wastewater crew members continued installation work as they installed a new sewer pump at the sewer pump station located across the entrance to the port in Malakal, Koror. After the installation of this sewer pump, PPUC will continue installing new sewer pumps in Dngeronger, Ngel, Iyebukel, Ngerbeched, Medalaii and Ngerbodel. Since the existing pumps have aged, the installation of new sewer pumps is necessary in order to improve the quality and efficiency of the sewer pump stations. Hence, reducing sewer overflows in Koror which have raised many concerns from the public.

In addition to the 11 new sewer pumps that have arrived, another set of 15 new pumps are scheduled to arrive in May of this year which will be installed thereafter. Furthermore, a brand new vacuum truck finally arrived early this week and will be used by PPUC to transport sanitary waste. PPUC currently has two vacuum trucks but are smaller and have gradually worn out over the years. With the addition of this new vacuum truck, the transportation of sanitary waste will be more convenient and efficient.

Ever since the Palau Water and Sewer Corporation (PWSC) merged with PPUC in 2013, PPUC has been exploring new ways to improve the quality of Wastewater operations to better serve the Republic of Palau and its people. PPUC asks the public for their patience as the installation of the new sewer pumps is still ongoing. [/restrict]