By: L.N. Reklai

April 26, 2017 (Koror, Palau) Representatives of the government of Japan and Palau signed minutes of discussions between the two countries on Wednesday setting in motion the preparatory work for the new national landfill in Aimeliik State.


A Preparatory Study Team from Japan has arrived in Palau to commence the feasibility study and geotechnical works on the proposed new landfill using the Fukuoka Method. The team is scheduled to conduct field work, including topographic surveys in order to come up with a design concept report.

The current landfill in Koror State is expected to be able to accept waste up to 2019. If no typhoon or other natural disaster occurs, this landfill in Koror will be able to last until 2019 and after that, it will not have capacity to accept more waste.

According to Bureau of Public Work, the construction of new landfill will set in motion the closure of all state dumpsites in Babeldaob which are not only public eyesores but also threat to the pristine environment.

After completion of landfill, residential waste collection of all Babeldaob will be outsourced.  The study has started to gather information for the design of collection scheme and frequencies in Babeldaob.  Koror State is expected to continue to its own collection and delivery since it has had a properly working collection program.

The new landfill is expected to bring recycling, waste-to-money/energy and other business initiatives  that will benefit the State of Aimeliik.

Bureau of Public Works expressed its gratitude to the elected and traditional leaders of Aimeliik and the people of Aimeliik for this support of the project. [/restrict]