President Tommy Remengesau speaking before the Palau press on October 2. (Rhealyn C

President Tommy Remengesau Jr. issued a proclamation for 2020 as the “Year of Environmental Action,” to protect our environment as the nest of life. Throughout this year our National Government, and state governments, civic organizations, private sector partners, and individual families throughout our nation will be mandated and encouraged to give a hand to revive, sustain and protect our island that is our home, stated the proclamation.

Stepping into a new year, President Tommy Remengesau Jr. feels that this year is a year of change, where we the people of Palau are mandated to invest our time and resources to revive our ocean, sustain our islands and protect the nest of life. He has made a proclamation for the purpose of this movement for our home

The United Nations has declared the year 2020 to be a “super year for the environment, “a crunch year for biodiversity and a need for climate emergency,” as well as being the first year in “a decade of action for the sustainable development goals, our blueprint for a fair globalization.

Palau has taken a bold action to protect our natural environment, and to safeguard our existence in these islands, by declaring Bul on over 80% of our Exclusive Economic Zone.

The Palau National Marine Sanctuary is being accompanied by world-leading public initiatives on marine conservation, plastic pollution, and renewable energy, but should be matched by personal commitments from all citizens, young and old.

All Palauans, and especially the youth who will inherit this planet moving forward, are called to speak out, to push boundaries, and to take bold action for the environment throughout the year.

On many critical issues including climate change, biodiversity, renewable energy, and marine conservation, actions taken and decisions made this year will set agendas for the next decade.

Seeing that the small island states and other developing nations have begun to lead on the environmental issues that threaten our cultures, our health, and even our islands themselves. The Republic of Palau is emerging as a global leader on environmental and conservation issues, putting the health, safety, and welfare of its people before the international commercial interests. (Kerdeu Uong)