Palau is keeping up with the modern times as it softly launched a downloadable mobile app that contains an all-in-one information about Palau that would serve as a guide for tourists and locals alike.

Palau Visitors Authority (PVA) Program Director Kadoi Ruluked said that the creation of the app, which is named after Palau’s tourism tagline “Pristine Paradise Palau”, was started last year with PVA staff working closely with an app developer that is based in Singapore.

Ruluked said that the creation of the app costs over $4,000. It contains all the necessary information a tourist might need to make the most of Palau adventures including places to explore, stay, eat, and current activities and events in the country. It also gives information about available means of transportation for tourists to take and contact in moving around the country.

The app is available for download at Google Play Store for android phones and is also currently awaiting IOS approval to make the app accessible to Apple users as well.

PVA Chairman Ngiraibelas Tmetuchl said that “visitors and locals alike should have any and all information that is ‘Palau’ on their fingertips.”

Tmetuchl said that they are also working on a digital map of Palau to be incorporated in the app and information about government, non-government, and semi-government organizations including hospital and historical links.

The app is eyed to have its official launching within this month. (By Rhealyn C. Pojas)