Ignacio Anastacio, a former Delegate of Ngchesar State and a wealthy businessman did agree to pay the $250,000 legal obligation of Ngchesar State Government, confirmed Ngirakebou Andreas Madraisau in a phone interview yesterday.

“In exchange for payment, we agreed to let him build a big statue of Jesus on top of Rois Ngchesar, pave a road up the mountain, put in power lines, water tanks, bathrooms and parking area on top of the mountain,” added Ngirakebou.

According to Ngirakebou, the area will be another visitor attraction to Ngchesar.  “We will allocate a piece land up there for him to use in exchange and the area will be open for visitors.”

The State financial obligation stems from a court judgment which mandated Ngchesar State to pay the cost of using a private property as open dump site for many years.