Koror, Palau – Palau Royal Resort (PRR) contributes $3,300 total in the past year to support Palau Conservation Society’s (PCS) efforts in sustaining healthy ridge to reef ecosystems that benefit Palauan communities.

After gifting their contribution to PCS, PRR renewed their commitment for this year and the following year to support PCS’ new Ocean Stewards Initiative for Youth, a project which aims to empower Palau’s youth to become future conservation champions and protectors of the environment.

PRR furthers their conservation efforts by striving for an eco-friendly hotel that is energy efficient and plastic free. The hotel has already taken a stride by reusing and recycling their plastic waste. Every year they display a colorful Christmas tree made of used empty plastic bottles by their guests. The hotel also has a water catchment system in place that reduces their dependence on public water. In the coming months, guests will be able to see and experience a plastic free hotel.

The support of Corporate Partners like PRR ensures an impactful conservation in various sites throughout Palau as we strive to maintain a “pristine paradise” for locals and visitors for the betterment of Palau’s people and economy.

To find out more on how you can support PCS conservation efforts in Palau, contact PCS Development Officer at 488-3993/4716 or gsaiske@palauconservation.org. (PR)