Koror, Palau- The Palau Royal Resort (PRR) continues its strong commitment to the protection of our pristine environment by yet again entering into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Palau Conservation Society (PCS). PRR displays commendable green-environmental practices throughout its daily hotel operations and is a leading example of an environmentally conscious business in Palau.


PRR’s firm belief in the preservation of our natural environment for the social and economic benefit of our country and its people is truly aligned with the values of PCS.  Through the memorandum of understanding, PRR commits to donating $300 on a monthly basis for an entire year towards PCS’ Corporate Partners for Conservation Program (CPC). The funds donated to PCS will go towards on the ground conservation work in various sites throughout Palau. The MOU was signed in to effect on July 13, 2017 by PRR General Manager Mike Kawaguchi and PCS Executive Director Abolade Majekobaje.

PCS continues to raise funds to support ongoing conservation initiatives throughout Palau in high hopes of contributing to a healthy environment for generations to come. The valuable contributions made from PRR as well as other corporate partners for conservation show the importance of PCS’s conservation efforts throughout Palau. Any company or interested individuals wishing to become a corporate partner for PCS is highly encouraged to contact PCS Executive Director Abolade Majekobaje at 488-3993/4716, or via email at bola@palauconservation.org. [/restrict]