By: L.N. Reklai

(Koror, Palau) Palau Royal Resort takes lead in applying green practices at their facilities as well as strongly supporting agencies that work to protect and promote sustainable environment such as Palau Conservation Society.


Presenting a check of $15,000.00 dollars to Palau Conservation Society yesterday, PRR General Manager Mike Kawaguchi, expressed that PRR has been trying for many years to implement healthy environmental practices at their hotel.

“Some years back, we realize that every year we cut a tree to put up as Christmas tree and after so many years, we had cut many of the trees down.  We told our engineers to come up with better and more environmentally healthy solution and that’s when we first made the recycled bottles for Christmas tree,” stated Mr. Kawaguchi.

“Now we have just started a new effort to save our natural resources by collecting and recycling rain water through purification system within the hotel property.  Our approximate monthly water consumption at the hotel averages about 1 million gallons per month.  By using purified rain water, we reduce impact on Palau’s natural resources.  The theme of our effort is “sustainability and nature friendliness”, added Mr. Kawaguchi.

According to hotel press release, through the use of purified rainwater, their monthly usage of rain water went up to 40.9% in October and 53% in November.

Palau Royal Resort pledges to put more effort on conservation activities. [/restrict]